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The Monk Mind : A Spiritual And Holistic Life Illuminated

The Monk Mind : A Spiritual And Holistic Life Illuminated

The Monk Mind : A Spiritual And Holistic Life Illuminated

Author: Mytri Sanatkumar | Publisher: Notion Press


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About the Book

The individual who is busy with daily life chores and duties has to experience a range of emotions that the individual is personally not ready for or doesn’t affiliate much with, the emotions and experiences of frustration, anger, dissapointment, sorrow and a continous nuisanse of the feeling of entanglement. With the want of getting rid of these emotions and experiences the individual looks forward to a spiritual or a holistic way of life. Without the proper knowledge of one’s own self the individual again falls into a connundrum of undertsanding truly what a spiritual or holistic life is meant by, resulting in a endless search of a proper guidence to understand a way of life that satisfies the individual completely. The monk - mind creates a deep understanding of one’s own self by laying down the foundation step by step. The individual will surely be able to comprehend the true essence of holistic living and have the right perspective on the path suitable for oneself to adapt to. There will be clarity in action and thought to start with on the path of spirituality and a holistic living. The individuals who already are following certain practices and a particular way of living, the monk – mind acts as a referesher to delve deeper into their  respective practices and faith. With an open mind and heart, the monk – mind will surely give a perspective to the individual on how to naturally experience peace and bliss while living in the world.

Additional Information

ISBN 9798892337267
Publisher Name Notion Press
Binding paperback
Page Count 254
Language English
Pub Date 22/12/2023